About Us




A. About Institute of Supply Chain Management

Institute of Supply Chain Management is formed by a group of professionals as a non profit professional organization in Hong Kong.
In order to promote companies in Hong Kong utilizing the knowledge of supply chain fully a group of marketing and supply chain professionals in Hong Kong and China join together to form this organization hoping to provide education on e-business, supply chain, marketing, and online resources utilizations. Currently we have more than 100 members and the number is growing gradually. The daily operation of the association is governed by executive committee.
We organize education programs, seminars and training regularly according to the needs of members and community at large. We organize activities on monthly basis.

Institute of Supply Chain Management is fully supported by Centre of Learning Excellence

What we do
In view of the need of business people in Hong Kong for knowledge we bring students the best supply chain, ecommerce, technology, business and marketing certificate programs from recognised Universities locally, China and abroad. We arrange support with teachings from professors and practitioners. 


Our business history
Centre of Learning Excellence was founded 1999 by a team of educators and professors. With the aim of providing high and recognised standard of education to professionals who want to achieve a high level of expertise in their business practice in the electronic era.



B. About Rev. George Hua LIN

1. Rev. George Hua LIN's Mission and Vision
Exploring the truth of the Universe

Promoting the reform of Buddhism and the integration of civilizations

Engage in charity and help Society

2. About Rev. George Hua LIN
Rev. George Hua LIN, Buddhist Preacher.
 On September, 1963, born in Jinyun County, Zhejiang Province, China
林华, 另用名:林觉海,佛教传教士,1963年9月出生于浙江省缙云县
On July 1984 graduated from the Department of Modern Physics, University 

of Science and Technology of China 
Now engaged in scientific research, charitable and Buddhist cultural 

exchange affairs.

On 2010, 
Appointed to be the advisor in charge of various relations to his Holiness 

Bour Kry, the Great Supreme Patriarch of Dhammayuttikanikaya of 

the Kingdom of Cambodia
被任命为柬埔寨王国佛教法相应派Bour Kry大僧王顾问

On 2013, 
Appointed to be attendant to the Most Ven. Dr. Kumarabhivamsa, 

Chairman of the State Sangha Mahanayaka Committee of Myanmar
被任命为 缅甸大导师委员会主席Kumarabhivamsa最高僧王侍者
Appointed to be Assistant in International Relations to the Most Ven. Udugama Sri Buddharakkhita Maha Nayake Thero, Asgiriya Maha Viharaya, Kandy, Sri Lanka

On 2015
Appointed to be Assistant in International Relations to His Holiness Thich Tri Quang,Deputy Sangharajat of National Vietnam Buddhist Sangha
被任命为 越南副僧王释智广长老国际事务助理
Appointed to be Assistant in International Relations to Most Ven. Phong Samaleuk, the President of Lao Buddhist Fellowship Organization
被任命为 老挝佛教会主席Phong Samaleuk老僧王国际事务助理
Assistant to Most Ven. Natsagdorj, the president of Mongolian Buddhist Association
被任命为 蒙古国佛教协会主席Natsagdorj康巴喇嘛助理

On 2011, to be awarded the medal of Sahamatry Mahasena by Royal Cambodian Government